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SPIDERMAN SIGN & MARKETING is primarily focused on the marketing of corporate signage solutions to the local markets. Our manufacturing facilities base are in Johor Bahru but our entire service almost from Southern to Northern side with our own maintenance teams and a wide network of contractor in various areas. With our many different sign-making skills, we are able to supply wide range of exterior and interior signage products. We believe the future of our company will depend on the effort we put in to make a success.

We encourage all our clients to maintain their signage as professionally serviced, on a regular basis the life expectancy of signage can more than double. This also ensures the corporate identitiy standards are maintained and present a good image in the market place at all times.

You name the price, we do the job.


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To succeed in a fiercely competitive environment with effective manufacturing and innovative marketing of signage solutions to the local markets. To differentiate our company by the excellence of service to our clients including comprehensive maintenance programmes.


Establish leadership in the signage industry through focus on the dynamics and implementation of sound human resource policies, customer relations, quality solutions, quality materials and support services at a predetermined profit level to our company.



We’re able to handle all your needs.


SPIDERMAN SIGN & MARKETING is always looking for new ways to serve our customers and needs first.


We’ve provided top-notch service, manufacturing and installation for channel letters, neon, LEDs, graphics sign and others signages etc. Our process-driven approach yields consistently high quality, short lead times, and excellent prices.


Our team goes the extra mile to make things right. If there’s an issue, large or small, we’re available to make things work for you.